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A building survey is a comprehensive inspection and assessment of a property’s condition. It examines the structure, condition, and defects of a building, highlighting any potential hazards or areas for improvement. We evaluate buildings to ensure they comply with building regulations and standards. Provide advice on building safety, sustainability, accessibility, and energy efficiency, and may oversee construction or renovation projects to ensure compliance with building codes.


Our Services

Our role is crucial in ensuring buildings are safe, functional, and legally compliant, and our expertise is essential for building owners, developers, and construction professional.

Fire Safety Assessment

A fire safety assessment is an evaluation of a building or property to identify potential fire hazards

Structural Surveys

A structural survey is a detailed inspection of a property’s structure, including the foundation, walls, roof, and framework.


By accurately identifying and classifying hazardous areas, companies can develop appropriate safety protocols and measures to keep their workers and environment safe.


Inspecting the building’s structural elements, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing to identify any defects, deficiencies or areas of concern.

Our Expert Team

At Reveal Risk Surveys, we understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility. That’s why we offer remote services to cater to your risk assessment needs, regardless of your location. Whether you are located nearby or in a different part of the world, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive risk assessments remotely.

Through advanced technology and communication tools, we can effectively collaborate, gather necessary information, and conduct virtual assessments. Our remote services encompass a range of risk assessment specialties, including structural surveys, fire safety evaluations, and analysis of various risks.

By utilizing remote capabilities, we ensure that distance is not a barrier to receiving high-quality risk assessment services. Rest assured that our remote services maintain the same level of expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail as our in-person assessments.

Mirei El Saint

Mirei El Saint

General Manager
Mirei El Saint is the General Manager at Reveal Survey Services LLC. She holds a BA in Interior Architecture and Industrial Design. She also holds an MSc in Social and Sustainable Design Practices, both from University of West Attica in Athens, Gr.
Sripathy Pandurangan

Sripathy Pandurangan

Operations Manager
Sripathy Pandurangan is the Operations Manager at Reveal Survey Services LLC. He has a Masters in International Business and is a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of India. He is also designated as an Associate in Claims (AIC) and has an advanced diploma in Marine Surveying from Lloyds’ Maritime Institute. Sripathy has a lot of experience in Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Property Valuation (Industrial Purpose), Surveys, and Loss Adjusting.

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